Another busy Spring. Our trail mileage was down due to the number of workdays that had to be devoted to maintenance. Next time you’re out in marginal conditions trying to decide whether or not to ride, please remember that these maintenance days take away from building new trail. Here’s a brief summary which lists the trail name, what type of work was done, the number of workdays, and the mileage of the sections worked on:

Cliff Cave – New Construction/Reroutes 1.5 workdays  0.5 miles
Matson Hill – New Construction/Reroutes 4 workdays 1.50 miles
SIUE – Maintenance/Reroutes 1 workday 0.10 miles
Castlewood – New Construction/Reroutes 2 workdays 0.40 miles
Chubb – Maintenance/Reroutes No official workdays 0.10 miles
Greensfelder – New Construction/Reroutes 2 workdays 1.0 miles
Creve Coeur – New Construction 2 workdays 1.0 miles


“Car Door Loop” at Matson

More new singletrack at Matson