GORC Launches New Web Site

GORC has launched a new website (version 4.0) as you can see in this desktop, and now, mobile-friendly edition. We have also rebranded using our new logo and colors. Our previous site was well over 11 years old being developed mid-2012 using then-new technology. But times have changed a lot and we have moved on to more budget-friendly and flexible solution.

This newest edition features many of our existing functions including:

  • Ability for users to post trail conditions (crowd-sourced trail updates)
  • Report their solo volunteer efforts on local trails
  • View trail stats, maps and weather data in our regional categories
  • RSVP for GORC’s events
  • Donate and join our paid membership levels
  • and more features as time and budgeting permits

The biggest takeaway is the mobile-friendliness of this new site. Now you can post trail updates from the park, access the site easier and faster, and RSVP to events on the go.

The only ‘homework’ all of our existing site users will have to do is “reset” your password upon your first login attempt. This is a requirement with the new technology running the website. You can reach us at [email protected] if you need any questions answered or have comments on the new site.

See you on the trails!