Looking for additional information about our regional land managers, other local organizations or a list of some local bike shops? You’ve come to the right place.

Public Land Agencies

Public land agencies manage the land you ride on. GORC would not be building and maintaining singletrack on a regular basis without a working relationship with them. Unless it is private property, all the land you ride on is managed by one or more public land agencies. If you visit their respective web sites, you can see they manage far more than just singletrack trails.

Area Organizations

St. Louis is filled with other goal-oriented non-profit organizations. GORC has been introduced to a few of them over the years through social events. This list is not exhaustive, however, it represents a good cross sample of the Clubs, race organizers, and non-profits making the St. Louis region a better place to ride a bike and have fun. A subset of the list is dedicated to out-of state clubs or organizations that have caught our eye over the years.

Bike Shops

This section is not a comprehensive list of the area’s bike shops but a collection of businesses that have been mini-sponsors of GORC over the last 20 years through product donations, employee trail building support or cash donations.