Trail Construction Log

Volunteer hours are VERY important to us. GORC tracks these volunteer hours and if you don’t report them, they won’t be counted in our annual reports. This information is used to present land managers and agencies our “track record” for building and maintaining sustainable singletrack.

Trail Construction Log Guidelines

Please use proper capitalization: Ignoring this will create formatting issues for your user account.

Examples of trail construction (but not limited to): building new singletrack, preparing the tread, grubbing or lopping the corridor in preparation for a trail building event,

Drive time to and from the trailhead counts as volunteer hours if you are going to maintain/build trail.

List your time (in minutes) in 5 minute increments.

Describe what work you peformed. For example, "I worked on finishing up the climbing turn we couldn't finish at the Lost Valley trail build."

For Location please enter the Park Name (see trail drop-down list). For Subject, please enter the Park Name after the subject.

Do not enter anyone else's name if you are logged in as the system will credit the time to you and not the person you entered.

Remember, if you don't send in your volunteer hours, it never happened!!!

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