As stewards of the region’s multi-use trails GORC reaches out to new riders online and in person to guide and teach them IMBA’s Rules of the Trail. We encourage you to explore our Education section.


New riders are encourage to check this section out. We help you avoid some common pitfalls and steer you in the proper direction to embrace trail etiquette. The sport of mountain biking is filled with personal triumph and perseverance is rewarded with endurance. GORC has members first and foremost because they love riding bikes on trails!


Mountain bikers are the most active group building and maintaining trail around the region. Great care is taken to design sustainable contour trail that can be enjoyed with minimal maintenance requirements. Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are guided on how to build great trail right there on the spot. No experience necessary!


We save you time and energy with these useful tips we’ve cultivated over the years. Some of these tips contain the building blocks ensuring our trails remain enjoyable for years to come.


Riding on gravel is the best alternative to riding indoors when the trails are too wet and vulnerableGravel grinders, as they are commonly called, are usually tackled on a gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike. We dirt riders greatly prefer a gravel route over the road. For local gravel, the KATY – Busch Wildlife – Hamburg gravel network is a fantastic area to get acquainted.