Project Updates

This is the place to learn about our project proposals submitted to the area land managers. The Ongoing Projects section lists our long-term projects at area parks.


This is the place to learn about our project proposals submitted to the area land managers. The Ongoing Projects section lists our long-term projects at area parks.
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The Bluff View Bike Park was first proposed to the City of Wildwood in 2019. After consideration by the City Council, it was approved in the spring of 2021. Since that time, the Gateway Off-Road Cyclists have built the Strider Trail, Packwood Flow Trail, GHP (jump trail), Formula One (beginner jump trail), Family Flow Loop Trail, and the Rooster Trail that has two wooden table tops. This project was fully funded by the generous donations from the St. Louis Mountain Bike Community. In total, we raised over $60,000, well over our goal of $50k. In addition to cash donations, we received many “in-kind” donations of equipment, material, and labor in excess of $65,000 that paid for dirt, rocks, machine rental, etc.

We currently have two projects left to complete to wrap up the Bluff View Bike Park. The first is a new bi-directional “Bike Only” trail from the top of Bluff View Park to just below the Overlook. This trail will be approximately 0.6 miles long. Construction on this trail has begun and we are hoping to complete it by the summer of 2024.

The other proposal is a trail kiosk describing the trails contained in the Bike Park to the public.  This proposal includes two posts that would be salvaged from the original Packwood Estate as well as a sign describing some of the history of the park.  The sign proposal is currently being reviewed by the City of Wildwood.

Updated: 03/11/2024

We submitted a proposal to develop a new trail system in Carondelet Park in South St. Louis City in the summer of 2023. This effort is being led by Ryan Hanlon with Route 3 Films who lives in the neighborhood. It has also been supported by South Side Cyclery who sees this trail system as a training ground for NICA kids who live nearby. The trail was approved by the City of St. Louis in late fall 2023. Construction is to begin in the spring of 2024. (Note: This will be the first mountain bike specific trail built in the City of St. Louis)
The trail system will consist of two loops from a central trailhead.

Updated: 02/28/2024

GORC was approached in the summer of 2023 by the City of Chesterfield about the possibility of natural surface mountain biking trails in River’s Edge Park. This 188 acre park is located in Chesterfield valley in between the levees along the Missouri River. It contains a large lake and walking trails that circle the lake. After a site review, GORC submitted a proposal to the City in September of 2023. It was approved by the City Council in December of 2023 with construction to begin in the spring of 2024. This will be a multi-year project.

It will consist of a single outer loop approximately 2.5 miles in length. There will be the option for a shorter 1.25 mile loop on the western side of the property. Phase 1 will begin with the construction of the west side trail. It will consist of some bench cut trail, but will mostly be flat with rolling construction. This trail will be enjoyed by the beginner cyclists and make use of ground unsuitable for other activities.

Updated: 03/14/2024

We were approached by St. Louis County Parks during the fall of 2023 to see if we could construct the new Abe Phillips trail. This approximate 1 mile long trail would connect Declue with Forby Road. After review by GORC and proposing (see map below) a few alterations to the original design in order to improve the sustainability, approval was given to proceed in January of 2024. Construction began in March and will continue through next fall. The trailhead along Forby Road is complete. The trail access this provides to Greensfelder Park will be a welcome addition to those living on the eastern side of the park.

Updated: 03/02/2024

We are working on a proposal for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MO DNR) to add mountain bike trails to a portion of Babler State Park. If approved as submitted, it would include an XC type trail system with flow elements like Bluff View Trail. Total mileage would be 6-8 miles. The original concept that was proposed was not accepted due to environmental concerns. The result was that MO DNR designated another section of the park for mountain bike trails. We had a Webex meeting with MO DNR on 2/10/2021 to discuss the soil types at Babler and trail construction techniques to limit erosion. We subsequently arranged a field trip to educate them on area trails and how GORC constructs trail in erosion-prone areas. The proposal is still being reviewed by MO DNR.

Updated: 03/11/2024

Original Proposal:  (New proposal to follow)

We have submitted a master plan proposal to develop a new trail and features to St. Louis County Parks. This effort is being led by the GORC Gravity team.
Updated: 03/15/19

Update: 01/13/21 – St. Charles County Parks has this project in a ‘holding pattern’ for the time being.

We are currently working with St. Charles County Parks to scout and develop a proposed new flow trail, traditional trail and reroute some minor sections of the existing trail network. This effort is being led by the GORC Gravity team and Matson trail stewards.  This project is currently out for bid by St. Charles County.  See the map below for trails being constructed by professional builders.
Updated: 03/06/20

While GORC has been proposing, building, and maintaining trails at Matson for many years, this project is a bit different. Our team has been helping to guide the county through a different process. It will connect builders around the country with the county so they may bid on this project. GORC may have some volunteer-based building and/or maintaining with this project, but how much is yet to be determined.

We are currently discussing opportunities within Cuivre River State Park to develop mountain bike trails. This is in very early stage discussions and we will announce more information as it becomes available.
Updated: 03/15/19


A maintenance plan was submitted to Wildwood to address any unresolved building issues on the now completed trail system. With their approval, we began peforming these updates at our official build days in 2019 and during our summer Thursday night weekly build series. We hope – with enough volunteer support – to have this plan completed by 2020.
Updated: 10/18/19

Update: 11/14/23
We are working with STL county parks to create a connector from their new parking lot off Forby Road into Greensfelder, utilizing the newly acquired property. The trail would be called the Abe Phillips trail after the person who owned the property at one time. This trail would intersect into the DeClue trail near the new subdivision on the ridge. This connector trail will offer a steady sustainably-designed climb from Forby road to DeClue with an elevation gain of 250+ feet. The singletrack tread surface will be primarily dirt with a few sections of rocky areas. The trail will traverse open meadows and old-growth fields.

We are currently revising plans the county has proposed, and if approved, we hope to begin construction of the 1+ miles of trail in the spring of 2024. Our goal is to open it by the end of 2024 with four trail builds and several mini-builds.

Once approved, the first step will be corridor clearing including removing invasive honeysuckle and small locust trees and their limbs – these are the trees that have spikes on them!

Update: 11/10/22 – As we continue to make great progress revitalizing portions of the Dogwood trail, we are now focusing on the long and steep climb out of the main valley drainage. We are projecting up to 0.25mi of new singletrack that climbs (or descends depending on direction) at a sustainable grade through some rocky areas, flowy and swoopy feeder drainages and will reconnect to the existing trail near the Roundhouse Loop gravel road. We estimate 2-3 builds will be required to complete this addition but may be sped up depending on the usage of our trailbuilding ditchwitch machine to rough in a portion of the trail. Finally, we are looking at another 0.1mi reroute on the western-most portion of dogwood that would eliminate a muddy climbing turn and traverse the flowy hillside with an updated bermed turn. Stay tuned!

Update: 02/02/22 – With the finishing touches applied to the Deer Run revitalization project in late 2021, GORC is focusing its efforts on revitalizing the Dogwood trail in 2022 and beyond. We are estimating between 4-6 trail builds may be required to perform sustainable reroutes and trail corridor maintenance. We also hope to have a few volunteers perform honeysuckle eradication along the trail’s corridor, specifically on the upper leg that is nearest to the Allenton and Hencken parking lot and pavilion.

The Dogwood trail was rebuilt by GORC over 17 years ago when it was an eroded fall-line trail that saw little use. Dogwood was brought back to life and has had a good run but now there are sections that must again be addressed due to erosion issues. Where segments of fall-line trail were left in place due to time and design constraints, we are taking a proactive approach to redesign these areas to better handle multi-use traffic and water runoff.

There will be approximately 4-6 areas to be rerouted, including the trail entrance located at the Roundhouse parking lot. Water runoff has created drainage issues with the Dogwood trail and the Roundhouse gravel trail at this location. The other large reroute will come in the form of a sustainable and sustained climb from the large valley back up to the trail intersection near the parking lot. The current climb is simply too steep in most places to last much longer as it continues to trench into the hillside exposing roots and accelerating water runoff. This reroute will also address the drainage crossing that continues to deeply erode the trail.

Stay tuned for more updates and a design map to give you an idea of the locations mentioned.

Cliff Cave is expanding its natural surface trail network.  A proposal has been submitted to connect the East and Westside trails and approved. Construction has begun on the connector trail.  Anticipated completion in Spring of 2021.
Updated: 02/12/21