GORC has its own Flickr Group where any trail user can upload their best photos. We’ll take the best images of people riding their bikes on local trails, park features such as trails signs or building structures and terrific scenery shots.

We have more than enough trail building pictures (believe us on that one!) and are now regretting riding merrily along without stopping to snap a few pictures. GORC could especially use photos taken at Quail Ridge, Indian Camp Creek, Bangert Island, Matson Hill, Lost Valley and Broemmelsiek.


  1. Join our free flickr group. A super quick free flickr account is needed. Flickr is pretty sweet when it comes to hosting photos.
  2. Upload original size images so we can scale accordingly. This allows us more layout options.
  3. Name and tag your images so we know where they were taken and how to categorize them.
  4. Select your best. If you have 30 really good ones, upload your best 10. If you have 10 great ones, upload your best 2! Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to review hundreds of photos.