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The following is GORC’s upcoming workdays for this fall. We would appreciate your help at a workday or two. If you ride a mountain bike, you’ve probably ridden at one of these parks. So, come on out and help make them better. Go to GORC to find out the details. The calendar on the home page lists more specifics and go HERE to find out what to expect at a workday. Keep an eye on GORC’s forum for details as the workdays draw closer.

Some tidbits…
Klondike is getting a new boardwalk over the sandpit leading to Powerline. This will be 80-100 feet long with some skinny off shoots. Construction of the Ewok village on Donkey Kong will begin next spring. We’re always looking for people with freeriding experience to come give us a hand at Klondike. We want to do more there and the park is making baby steps, but most of us are XC geeks, so we need some expertise.

SIUE has added an extension to Trail 2. We’ll be working on finishing up a small lollypop near there.

Greensfelder will see continued work on the Declue Extension that links up to the Scenic Loop. We’ve seen what a wet season can do to a new trail and have plans to nurture this trail along. Mainly, I think everyone has seen how good the Dogwood trail can be when more people go out and ride it. The Declue trail can benefit in the same way.

Creve Coeur Park has 1 mile of new trail. We plan on tripling that this fall with your help. This park could have up to 6 miles of trail when we’re done. Go check out it out, very fun.

That’s just some of what’s going on. So, you can see we could use your help. Pick your favorite trail and give us 4 hours of your time. It will be well worth it. Also, GORC’s forum now has a Trail Reports & Conditions section for most of the local trails. Go check it out if you want to know what the latest conditions are or post up the condition if you have been there recently. You can also use this forum to list any trees down so that it gets back to the Land Manager.