Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From mcmottl: GTG. A few soft spots under deep leaves. But overall very nice!
Lost Valley (St. Charles Area) (Weather)
From cthuluforprez: Some intermittent muddy potholes on west side and near the creek on east side but otherwise dry.
Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From pcrocker: A couple of small puddles, tacky... G2G!

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Founded in 1998 by area mountain bikers to help design and build a mtb/hiking trail in a new County Park, today the club includes the entire St. Louis metro area in MO and IL.

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The 2023 Fall Trail Building Schedule is now published! Be sure to check the website under the Events section for information on each trail building event.   GORC will be working at our usual... Read more