Bluff View (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From mjj29er: Most of the areas with the heaviest leaf coverage have been cleared on Zombie. Please stay off the new jump line for a few days to let it dry up.
Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From The Krackheads: Spring Valley is leaf free for now. Enjoy the trail while the weather is PRIMO.
Bluff View (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From Live2RideAnotherDay: Trails are crazy fast. Heavy leaf falls gives this a yellow. Get out and enjoy the great trails and weather while they last.

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Founded in 1998 by area mountain bikers to help design and build a mtb/hiking trail in a new County Park, today the club includes the entire St. Louis metro area in MO and IL.

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Fall 2021 Trail Builds

Time to get back out there for some Fall trail building events. The 2021 Fall Trail Building Schedule is now posted. Be sure to check the website under the Events section for information on each fall trail... Read more