Other Volunteer Opportunities

GORC Wishlist - Other Volunteer Opportunities

We have found that it is harder for volunteers to offer their services if they don't know how they can best be used. So GORC HQ has developed a Volunteer Wishlist - areas where we could use some (or a lot!) of help.

Social Building

Social roles are geared to people who love to have fun and enjoy sharing their love of mountain biking with other people.

Bike Shop Liaison: Do you have a favorite bike shop or three?  Are you looking for another reason to drop by (besides that shiny new wheelset in the window)? Give GORC a public relations hand by occasionally dropping off GORC event flyers and membership forms to your favorite shops.

General Photographer: If you have a good eye and like capturing the passion of trail work or the fun of a GORC social outing, you can be a big help by lending your skills, taking pictures at events, and uploading the best shots to GORC's Flickr account.

Trail Building

Physical trail building roles are geared for people who enjoy working in the woods turning a line of flags into fresh new trail.

Trail Building Event Volunteers: Trail building events are a fun way to experience leaving your mark on a section of trail that you'll take pride in every time you ride. With experienced Crew Leaders at your side, no experience is necessary.

Tool Sharpeners: Do you have a grinder you've been dying to use? We'll we've got some tools that need sharpening. Nothing makes a trail work day go faster than sharp tools. You can work out of your garage on your own schedule, and know that you're making it easier to put trail on the ground.

Club Building

Trail Steward: This role is a critical link between the public, GORC, and the land manager. We are currently seeking a trail steward for Spanish Lake Park in North St. Louis County.

Trail Peer Reviewers: You may not be a trail guru but this is a great way to dig in and learn good contour trail design. After an initial flagging, trail peer reviewers take a second look and see if the trail could be made even better or fits the intended framework of the park.

Grant Writers: We need people to keep on top of Grant sources by scanning the internet for Grant opportunities for bicycle or trail related projects.

Ozark Trail Outreach: We could use people on the ground to help with maintenance outings on the Berryman and attend some OTA events on behalf of GORC.

Product Wishlist

GPS Track List of all park Trails: Available on the GORC website, these tracks would be ridden in the most popular fashion and/or used to create 'epic' rides that riders can follow and recreate.

Mechanized Tools: This includes pro grade leaf blowers, chain saws and power tools.

Landscaping Products: We sometimes need Geo-Grid, gravel, stones and other landscaping materials for our trail building projects.