Building Community . . . and Trails (Def Trails!)

What keeps all together, you ask? I don’t really know. Passion, I suppose. Maybe a bit of hobbyism to keep tabs on the online industry. I used to do this everyday, now I just play at night, sometimes all night, trying to keep it all going.

It’s not that hard really; I bring it all on my own. And that’s the thing… the club is more than one person; it’s all about what members put into it. Input quality=output quality. The club’s soul and vibe is the culmination of all our active members contributing to the greater good that is mountain biking advocacy in St. Louis.

Maybe you weren’t riding 10 years ago but check it out -> Chubb and Castlewood were your main line options. You could ride doubletrack Lost Valley if you were really wanting to explore. St. Louis trail riding has come A LONG WAY since GORC formed in 1998. We started with Matson and expanded to include all the trails that are listed on our Trails tab.

I personally want our club to be the best in the midwest. Something other clubs would like to copy. I want to increase our membership, retain all you awesome people and offer even more in the way of events, socials and, ahem, merchandise. I feel that we are on the cusp of the next great phase.

We want – no – need, that. All of the above.

Somewhere along the way I’ve grown from an average GORC member to the website administrator to what I would now say, club marketer. I’ve been with GORC since 2001 and it was a life-changing social/outdoor activity move for me. I may be a somewhat shy person until you get to know me but I feel that it is necessary to promote the club online in all social circles.

You would not believe how many mountain bikers don’t even know we exist. It’s impressive the number of people who think trails magically appear overnight courtesy of the Stimulus Plan.

This isn’t the most well-written call-to-action plan. I’d say it was written on a whim just before bed time, actually. I don’t have all day to dial in my thoughts, you know, work and all……

What I’m trying to say in all of this is that we need you. You probably have skills we don’t possess. We need writers, we need trail stewards and we could use some good connections to other like-minded folks who might be entirely outside the bike circles.

Here’s what I want you to do; spread the word, tell everyone about GORC, the website, bookmark us on Facebook, and Twitter and YouTube and keep telling everyone you see out on the trail that GORC is there for the biking community.

We have big ongoing plans for trail riding opportunities in St. Louis and the surrounding region.

Keep in touch!

FWIW, here’s a slight lift of the curtain. Never mind the guy behind the laptop. Tap your Sidis and grab your bike. Awesome local trails await. See you out there.

Matt H
aka seamonkey