There are several workdays going on this weekend. Why not get out and help build some trail.

First, is our own re-route and maintenance at Matson Hill on Saturday, from 9-1. We’re going to re-route the one climb that’s become a little too rough to sustain. As usual, there will be a ride afterward pending the weather.

If that’s not enough for you, SMBA has a workday going on Sunday, Feb. 19th to reroute a section of the Cove Hollow Trail. This is a really fun, technical trail which is going to be even better once they get done fixing up a few sections.

Also, for you people in Illinois, Rod is having a workday at Lake Lou Yaeger near Litchfield on Saturday the 18th. They’re steadily getting trail built and pretty soon it’s going to be a place to go for mountain biking. There’s a real nice lake for swimming there as well.