Volunteer Logs

Volunteer - Building trail for all to enjoy.

There are many ways to volunteer and help make the St. Louis region an even better place to ride off-road. GORC is always in need of trail volunteers to help build and maintain singletrack but we can also use folks with sponsorship connections, trailside reporters of the current tread conditions, and people who want to help take GORC to the next organizational level. The very best ways to meet us happen to be at our trail building events and our socials.

Report Your Volunteer Hours

When you stop on the trail to remove debris, small trees, repair tread or perform any other task related to GORC, please document your hours. If we do not receive a submitted volunteer log then the work you performed is invisible to the land agency.

We ask that all members AND non-members submit their volunteer time (in minutes format) for inclusion in our reports to the land managers. Select the most appropriate Volunteer Log from the list below. NOTE: GORC automatically logs your time for you when you attend any of our organized trail building days.

Select the Appropriate Volunteer Log

Trail Maintenance Log

Trail Construction Log

Trail Design Log

Sawyer/Swamper Log

Ride Guide Log

General Administration Log

Project Administration Log