2007 was a busy year for GORC. I had to go back and look at the calendar to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Some of the workdays from last spring seem so long ago now. In case you weren’t able to keep track of things, here’s a review of what’s happened in the past year:

– Trail 4 at SIUE completed
– The Rollercoaster at Castlewood completed
– Work begins on extension of DeClue Trail at Greensfelder
– Connector trail between Chubb Trailhead and Flint Quarry Trailhead completed
– Broemmelsiek and Indian Camp Creek Parks open in St. Charles County, each with several miles of trails
– Midwest Mountain Bike Festival in Peoria
– GORC trip to Winter Park, Colorado
– 24 Hours of Landahl
– Burning at the Bluff 12 hour race
– Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
– Klondike skill structures are installed
– More work on DeClue
– More work at Broemmelsiek
– More work at Indian Camp Creek
– 10th Anniversary Party at Klondike

All of this, in addition to the regular weekly and monthly rides at Lost Valley, SIUE, and Greensfelder, not to mention work on the Ozark Trail, and a few maintenance days here and there, keeping what’s already been built ready to ride. I probably left something out, but hopefully it’s obvious that it was another successful year for GORC, and with YOUR help, we can do even more in 2008. Happy New Year!