Mike Dunston also tells us that St. Charles County Parks has set up an experimental Trail Closure phone hotline. Since this is experimental, neither he, nor the rangers have worked out all the details of how it’s going to function. Those parks which are included are: Matson Hill, Klondike, Indian Camp Creek, Quail Ridge Park, and Broemmelsiek (not open yet). The number is 636-949-7475 636-707-0011. Updates will follow both here and on the GORC forum as soon as we find out more information.

Remember, GORC is not here to tell you when you can or can’t ride your bike, but part of our mission is to educate trail users about all aspects of developing trails from advocacy and design, to construction and maintenance. If you’re interested, come out to some workdays and find out more about trailbuilding and sustainability, and learn how your riding affects the lifespan of a trail. All of our trails our multi-use, so don’t forget that there are users other than bikers. A hiker who comes across a section of trail that has been trashed by bikes probably feels the same way about bikes as you might feel about horses after seeing damage done by irresponsible equestrians.