Spring 2011 Workday Schedule Completed

Another Spring workday session has come and gone. Here’s a brief summary of what happened at each of them:

1/15 – SIUE – rerouted two sections of trail that had become unsustainable, and completed one major armoring job on Trail 4.

2/26 – Greensfelder – built new 0.5 mile trail off of Scenic Loop Rd. which will take Deer Run trail down the hill to the Eagle Valley trail.

3/12 – Matson Hill – worked on 3 switchbacks. Continued flagging and construction of new singletrack which will eventually give the park 10+ miles!

3/26 – Indian Camp Creek – continued work of reroutes to make the trail sustainable. Maintenance work on drainages.

4/9 – Greensfelder – armored drainages and opened new trail constructed in Feb.

5/21 – Cliff Cave – worked on trails which will form an inner loop within the Spring Valley trail.

5/28-29 – Klondike – reconstructed Hogsback Trail after storm damage. SLAG, GORC, and St Charles County Parks contributing.

6/4 – Indian Camp Creek – additional work on reroutes, and maintenance.

6/4 – Castlewood – maintenance work on National Trails Day.

6/11 – Matson –  IMBA Trail Care Crew Class, built new connector loop at top of trail and reclaimed old trail tread.

We’re going to continue building new trail, and maintaining what we have. Remember, none of this could happen without the time invested by volunteers. If you’ve always wanted to help out, but never have, or haven’t been to a workday for awhile, well, the Fall would be a good time to get involved! Keep an eye on the GORC forum for a Fall 2011 schedule, and watch our email updates for more information.
Greensfelder- Deer Run Extension- modified Turnpike in mid-construction

Greensfelder – Deer Run Extension – Finished Turnpike