GORC Sponsors

Our sponsors help offset our organizational costs such as insurance and web site maintenance. These sponsors believe in our mission of developing and maintaining singletrack in the St. Louis region. This list is not complete by any means. You can join GORC as a Business Member to participate in our premium sponsorhip program.

Request Promotional Materials

If your organization or business needs any of GORC's promotional materials such as brochures and trail building calendars, please fill out our Contact form and we will get in touch.

Above and Beyond Sponsors

These outstanding sponsors help underwrite our ongoing development and insurance costs.



REI has sponsored several of our trail building events with swag and discount coupons. They have also awarded GORC grants over the past several years. Part of this web site was funded through an REI Gives grant.

Learn more about REI in our Partners section.

DRJ Racing

Disaster Recovery Racing

Another significant sponsor that helped develop this new website, DRJ also has a mountain bike race team. DRJ Racing hosts the Greensfelder Challenge and has donated the proceeds to GORC for singletrack development.


Site Sponsors

These outstanding sponsors help underwrite our web site operating costs as well as sponsor a few trail building events.


Maplewood Bicycle

Maplewood Bicycle

Maplewood Sponsorship Page

Whenever possible, Maplewood Bicycle has sent a paid employee to help build trail alongside GORC volunteers. They have also provided giveaway swag, discounts, and trail building day lunches.


Granada Cyclery

Granada Cyclery

Granada Cyclery Page

Wanting to help give back to the cycling community, Granada implemented a coupon good for GORC membership discounts and a general customer coupon that splits a portion of the proceeds with GORC. They have also provided giveaway swag, discounts, and trail building day lunches.


Bike Surgeon

Bike Surgeon Page

This Shiloh, Illinois shop has stepped forward to help GORC continue its mission and increase the membership ranks. They have donated a great bike for a season-long raffle centered around trail building attendance. They are a great group of mountain bikers that believe in GORC.


Terrain Magazine

Terrain Sponsorship Page

They have interviewed the club and have attended several trail building events. Terrain and GORC are looking forward to working on projects together in the future.


Extreme Terrain

ExtremeTerrain.com is a leader in providing enthusiasts with aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA, ExtremeTerrain is dedicated to providing Jeep Wrangler owners with the best parts at the best prices while also ensuring the conservation and protection of off-road trails.


Cayo Dental

Dr. Krista Cayo and the rest of our team provide a comfortable atmosphere in which dental services are done in a friendly and caring environment. We want our patients to be involved in their treatment options, so we strive to inform and educate why we may recommend certain procedures. Patients themselves play a very important role in their oral health, and we take an active position to help them achieve dental health.


Club Sponsors

Our trail building events and other marketing materials are supported by these fine sponsors over the past year. They have offered monetary, in-kind, product or discounted product donations.

Big Shark Bicycle Company

Mesa Cycles - logo

Ballwin Cycles - logo


Dogfish Apparel

Dogfish Apparel

Momentum Cycles

The Cyclery and Fitness Center