SCCP Trail Status Hotline

St. Charles County Parks (SCCP) has launched their new hotline for closure and cancelation information on Monday October 5th.  The new hotline is a web based system, that will allow them to update by phone, online or in their mobile app. This system will allow the public to view the park’s closure and cancelation information on-line, through a phone app or by calling in. Users that choose to receive updates will also have the option of signing up for email, text and or in-app alerts when the status of the trails, facilities or programs change. These updates will also be linked to SCCP’s facebook pages as well as to the department website.

If you would like more information on how the system works you can visit to watch some videos regarding the new system. is the link to our web version of the system that will show you all of the items that are included in the new hotline or you can go to and search for St. Charles County Parks and Recreation.

The new number for the hotline will be 636-707-0011. The old hotline number will be updated with a prompt informing the public about our new rainout line and will give users the option to be forwarded to the new number while also informing them about the new web/app based system with instant notifications.

**Please Note!! St. Charles County Parks phone hotline and web status app OVERRIDE any status you may see on the crowd-sourced GORC site. This means that if the SCCP app shows a trail as red (closed) and a GORC user has it listed as yellow or green, the trail is still officially closed by the county.

Screenshot of the hotline web app.
is the link to the SCCP web app status hotline.