Rio Grande Del Rancho and the Green Chili Beer

Feeling a little tired today we all decided to ride the much more relaxed out-n-back Rio Grande Del Rancho 12 mile (total) trail. This formerly double-track trail climbed and descended the contours southeast of Rancho de Taos. I say formerly because it is mostly a two-track width of Banshee ATV tracks. The tracks offered a nice berm in all the corners so we could keep our speed. It was a reprieve in preparation for the rest of the week which we are still figuring out.

After the casual ride we all went to Eske’s Brewpub and had lunch. We are taking the afternoon off but some may be rafting the Rio Grande tomorrow.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow. I know it’s a brief update but you like looking at the pictures anyway, right? Anyhow, I need a beer.

As usual, no matter how flat the actual ride, there is always a steep, loose climb at the start!

Climbing 3 minutes in…

View from the top where the trail levels off

The trail is reminiscent of the Midland Trail in Buena Vista, CO

Craig leaning into the short climb out of the arroyo

It’s hard to imagine the mountains are five minutes outside Taos

Stunting the jump

Steve W jumped the jump and used his shoulder to skid-steer … and blew the front tire off his rim .. and tweaked his rear rim.

After the ride we stopped at Eske’s brewpub for a sampler. The bottom left is the famed Green Chili beer.

Green chili stew burrito!

Marvin eyeballing the goods Matt and Lisa ordered

All your courtyard are belong to GORC

Mission accomplished