Rift Valley Trail – Taos, NM

We’ll get more action shot photos soon but I (seamonkey) haven’t had time to gather everyone’s camera cards.

The Rift Valley trail was our first proper trail ride in Taos, New Mexico. Yesterday’s ride was super enjoyable and all had a blast. The sun cooperated by not withering us into piles of burning flesh which we thought was a nice gesture considering the tallest things out there are crusty-looking sage brush.

The trail offered some great views of the Rio Grand Gorge. The 10 mile trail was ridden twice by several folks who just couldn’t get enough.

OK, gotta run, Horsethief needs 40 tires on it.

Craig and Suzanne heading to do a loop of the Rift Valley trail.

The tallest vegetation were two lone trees about 10 feet tall separated at birth from one another by miles of sagebrush.

This is probably the ‘rift’ in Rift Valley Trail. The Rio Grand Gorge is spectacular to witness in person

It stays arid in these parts ….. though….. it did roll in a good rain a few hours later. Thor has arrived

Everyone had a great time on the easy Rift Valley.