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Riding the Firecracker Epic

GORC breaks its events calendar down into two categories: Rides of our own creation or other off-road gatherings such as the St. Charles Moonlight Ride series. Events include our trail building days and our annual events such as the Firecracker Epic Ride and Volunteer Appreciation Party. We may also include other regional festivals and races not hosted by GORC.

Many of these rides and events are weather-permitting so be sure to check on the respective page to see the latest updates.

There are currently no social rides scheduled. Check back soon for updates!


20 Year Anniversary Party

Belleview Farms

2018 Volunteer Hours

Rock Hollow: 474
Cliff Cave: 331
Greensfelder: 164
Indian Camp Creek: 150
Creve Coeur Lake: 97
SIUE: 75
Castlewood State Park: 59
OT - North Trace: 33
Bluff View: 20
Chubb Trail: 16
Rockwoods Range: 8
Lost Valley: 6
Matson Hill: 6
Silver Lake: 5
Broemmelsiek: 2

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