The DeClue reroute at Greensfelder is finished, so 7 of us decided to ride it on Sunday. We started at the Roundhouse parking lot and began by riding Dogwood counterclockwise. Dogwood is in great shape, even after taking a pounding during the Spring freeze-thaw cycle. The climb out of the valley back up to the Roundhouse has a few rough spots where it crosses drainages, but is entirely rideable. Next, the awesomely fun section of DeClue down to Allenton Rd.

Then it’s up the steep, rocky grinder to the Radio Tower. Not much has changed with it. In order to enjoy all the fun stuff going clockwise on DeClue, there aren’t many alternatives.

DeClue is in good shape aside from a few wet spots below the rock garden where post-holes have collected some water in the drainage. Up, up and away, then the rollercoaster ride. Mountain biking doesn’t get much better than this! Regroup at the cut-off before beginning the next rocky section. So far, the Punisher is crash free! Through, around, up and over the rocks until you get to the steep, rocky downhill section. Well, it’s not there anymore. The trail continues straight, bypasses and cuts back across the old section in a S-shape before rejoining the existing DeClue section. Along the way are ledges, dips, alternate lines, off-camber screamer sections, and other assorted fun. Um, Randy, the trail turns left here. You’re only on the old trail for about 50 ft. and then there’s a keyhole which directs you down and to the left–watch out for that ledge! Down, down, around. More ledges, rocks, turns, a bit of climbing, hoops embedded in trees, the “loading dock”, and then back to Allenton Rd. Then the hardest part is trying to decide which way to head next; back up the way you came, or hit the fun section across the road. Better do both! We need to put a lot more wheels down on this trail. Don’t forget the Off.