Rest Day – Tent Rocks For Matt n Lisa

For the rest day, Matt and Lisa headed down to Santa Fe to check out the Tent Rocks National Monument. The rest of the house went white water rafting on the Rio Grande in Taos but I’d been wanting to check out Tent Rocks since last year.

I don’t have any photos of the rafting as I haven’t acquired everyone’s camera photos so the blog is MnL photocentric.

Figured we’d better get some house photos before the trip ends.


GORC:Taos Basecamp back patio. The hot tub is off to the right. The 7,500 SF house served us well. Across the gravel road we had an Adobe-style 3,000 SF home with a tremendous view of the mountains.

Blog update in action

Tent rocks are formed when the softer tuff/volcanic ash is protected by a denser caprock and water over millions of years erodes the material.

Hiking above the valley of the Tent Rocks

Classic northern New Mexico landscape. We don’t get these kind of vistas in Missouri