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Membership Discounts

GORC is working on membership discounts and coupons in 2013. We have Granada Cyclery and Etrailer on board and are working out the details... Read more
Greensfelder Challenge

Greensfelder Challenge This Weekend

The Greensfelder Challenge is once again upon us. Now in it's fourth year, this annual fundraiser that benefits GORC is also the official... Read more
Schlafly Tap Room

GORC Monthly Meeting Wed. 05/01/13

GORC's monthly meeting will be at the Schlafly Tap Room at 7pm this coming Wednesday 05/01/13. We will be discussing the Greensfelder... Read more
GORC Clothing - Hoodie and T-shirt

New GORC Clothing / Decals

GORC has new hoodies and t-shirts available now. Both are offered in hot pink and maroon and we will try and have them on hand at most of... Read more
GORC Sticker

GORC Stickers Now Available

Vinyl Images, GORC's newest sponsor, has donated more than 400 premium vinyl decal stickers soon available for your car. Two sizes... Read more


Bluff View Bike Park Campaign

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