Mike Dunston, the trail steward for a couple of parks in St. Charles County has sent along some photos, and a description, which will eventually make its way to the GORC Trails page, of one of the newest parks there: Indian Camp Creek. ICC is located 7 miles north on US 61 between Wentzville and Troy. Turn left (west) on Dietrich Road, go .7 miles, turn right (North) into Park Entrance.

The trails are multiple use trails passing through cedar thickets, winding through the hillsides and skirting the bluffs along the creeks, through the flood plain of the Big Creek, and across several restored prairies, giving views of the numerous rock outcroppings, small ponds and historical relics ( e.g. flint chippings from Indians, farm homesteads, family cemetery).

The Black Eye Loop meanders along the Big Creek flood plain, giving little if any elevation change. Tight, twisty and wooded, it is primarily dirt with one or two very short stretches of sand. There are a couple dry creek crossings throughout that may require the novice to walk, but everything else is non-technical. The loop within a loop design allows you to ride the trail in both directions giving the rider different views of the Big Creek. A variety of wildlife abounds for the enjoyment of the trail users. To access the Black Eye Loop trail head, park at first parking lot past the bridge. Ride about 500 yards toward the Red Roof Pavilion. Entrance to the trail will be in the field on the right; it is marked with white carsonite signage.

The Cedar Thicket Hill Loop starts off with some small undulations in and out of the cedars that gradually grow into a short but semi-steep climb. At the top of the climb, the dirt tread transitions into a bed of (cedar needle type stuff) as the trail width is narrowed by the closely spaced cedar trees.

A large Park map showing the trails is located at kiosk near the equestrian parking lot (first gravel road to the right). These trails are shared with equestrians and hikers so please use appropriate etiquette. More trails are being developed on a continuing basis.