Need A Bike? Are You A Member? Read This!

There are dozens of great reasons to join or renew your GORC membership. Many involve participating in a grassroots organization to continue expanding and maintaining our region’s singletrack network. How many trails or parks were available to mountain bikers in 2002? If you had a time machine with a bike rack you would find your mountain biking options would be cut in half just eleven years ago. Not to mention your bike would look like a spaceship. Broemmelsiek or Indian Camp Creek? Not available. Greensfelder and Lost Valley? Only if you wanted to either ride a 2 mile gravel fall line creek loop (Greensfelder) or get your mundane gravel grinder on (Lost Valley). My how our region has changed for the better! Get back in that time machine and slam on the gas!

But now there’s another, albeit limited-time, reason to become a GORC member in good standing.

GORC approached Mesa Cycles about including their shop in our membership packets. As you may know, we have been working to establish a network of shops that support GORC with small perks or discounts, which we then in turn support our region by building more trail riding opportunities. Well, not only is Mesa Cycles going to offer club members a 15% discount off parts and accessories but they have offered GORC members a super deal of complete bike purchases.

This is a one time bike sale ends July 31st 2013. It’s good on select Specialized bike models but it really covers a ton of different bikes that Specialized offers. The sale is good for in stock bikes that are on the list and also for any orders placed by July 31st. The sale covers Specialized’s range from high end to mid level. Mesa Cycles can also work a deal out on many road and cyclocross bikes and on Focus, Colnago and Pinarello bikes.

The list of bikes with the super sale are at the bottom of this post. Note that this is the MSRP price list. If you are a paid GORC member you will be receiving a members-only email in the coming days with the sale information. If you’re considering getting a mountain bike you owe to yourself to join or renew your membership!

But how do I know if I’m a paid member, you ask? Well, first you need an account on this website. No, not a message board account, but the account that allows you access to post trail conditions, report your volunteer hours and other items. Once you login, the GORC site takes you to your account page. On the BOTTOM of the page (scroll down) you’ll see “View Contact Dashboard” – click that and on the Contact Dashboard screen near the bottom you’ll see your “Your Membership(s)” and that’s how you can determine if you are a current paid member or not. If not, renew or join to get in on this great deal.

NOTE: You will need to show proof of membership at Mesa Cycles either by presenting our GORC membership card or by showing them on your smart phone your Contact Dashboard on the GORC site showing your current status.

MSRP PRICING – But if you’re a GORC member you can receive a massive discount. Check your email if you are a current paid member for details. Email Matt if you haven’t received it.
Camber Fsr Pro Carbon 29 $8000
Camber Fsr Expert Carbon 29 $5500
Camber Fsr Expert Carbon Evo R 29 $5500
Camber Fsr Comp 29 $2600
Camber Fsr Comp Carbon 29 $3800
Epic Fsr Comp 29 $3300
Epic Fsr Comp Carbon 29 $4400
Epic Fsr Expert Carbon 29 $6000
Myka Fsr Comp $2200
Myka Fsr Elite $1650
Sj Fsr Expert Carbon Evo $6400
Sj Fsr Comp Carbon 29 $4100
Sj Fsr Elite $4100
Sj Ht Comp 29$2200
Crux Pro Carbon Disc Osbb Frmset $2200
Crux Pro Carbon Osbb Frmset $2200
Crux E5 Osbb Frmset $990
Crux Pro Carbon $4400
Crux Comp Carbon $3000
Crux Elite $1850
Crux Elite Disc Apex $2100