We spent this past Saturday finishing off the addition of a brand new 3/4 mile section of the DeClue trail (thanks Americorps!), armoring some muddy problem spots, and deberming a long stretch of trail. Most of this was done in preparation for the Greensfelder Challenge Race on May 8th. All of the proceeds from this race will go to GORC.

Everyone involved in the race should be very grateful that we were able to talk Matt out of running the course the way he had originally planned. He kept saying that if he could ride it 32×16 fixed on his rigid 29er that everyone else ought to be able to ride it as well, but cooler heads prevailed, and the majority of the climbing is now on gravel rather than Rockwoods boulder-field. The course is pretty much part of the standard GORC rides out there anyway.

Mr. Seamonkey has reconstituted himself (except for his back which was not properly hydrated apparently), and created a blog dedicated to the race for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Please be sure and answer the poll questions, and provide any feedback you might have. We always like to know what people are thinking!


Craig working on armoring

Finished Section