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Bike Fit

Getting a "bike fit" is the single most important aspect of purchasing a new bike. You can buy the greatest bike in the world, but without the proper fit, the enjoyment just isn't there.

We so strongly believe in the power of a good fit, that every bike purchased with us receives a complimentary essentials fit.

Maplewood Bicycle has the most advanced fitting equipment available. Computrainers, Dart Fish 2D motion capture software, and even something as awesome as Retul 3D motion capture help, but it is the fitters experience and intuition that guides the fitting process. Our fitters have the knowledge, tools and experience to handle even the most difficult situations. 

If you have a bike newly purchased elsewhere, are looking to increase power and efficiency, or just need to be more comfortable, we offer three levels of fitting.

All of our after market bike fits are done by appointment and can be done before a new purchase or on an existing bike. 

Call us today at (314) 781-9566 to see which fit is right for you

Bike Selection

  • Moots Cycles
  • Lynskey Bicycles
  • Trek Bicycles
  • Serotta Bikes
  • Orbea Bikes
  • Steelhead Custom Bicycles

Bike Service

Maplewood Bicycle's legendary service center is second to none. Complete with a full set of Campagnolo and Shimano tools Maplewood's professional mechanics keep all your gear in perfect running condition. Our service staff are certified, factory trained, and are in touch with the manufacturer's daily to provide the most current information.

Maplewood Bicycle leads the industry in customer satisfaction. We have a habit of keeping customers coming back for not just years, but decades and generations. We guarantee our fits, products, and service to be the absolute best.


Maplewood Bicycle

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