Local Community Funds GORC Insurance in 7 Days

GORC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those who donated to our Club Insurance Fundraiser. We posted the fundraiser on a Sunday evening asking for $1,600.00 to cover our 2014 liability insurance costs after IMBA failed to secure umbrella liability coverage for clubs.

To our amazement, our fundraising goal was accomplished in a little under 7 days. Yes, we made our goal by the next Sunday afternoon. We are so very proud to be a part of this close-knit and giving mountain bike community. Saint Louis continues to grow and expand its outdoor recreation opportunities and GORC will be there ready to build and maintain singletrack trails.

We will see you out on the trails and hopefully at one of our upcoming trail building events. Until then, keep on riding and spreading the singletrack love.

*Screenshot of our fundraiser widget. Our local community funded GORC’s liability insurance requirement in 7 days. Thank you everyone!
**Technical Notes: Thanks to the power of Drupal + CiviCRM, GORC was able to setup this last-minute fundraising campaign in about 15 minutes from start-to-finish. One of the biggest accomplishments in 2013 was establishing a highly functional and informative website. Mission accomplished.