Land Agencies

Land Agencies - One of GORC's land agency partners is Saint Louis County Parks

Gateway Off-Road Cyclists has worked directly or indirectly with these land agencies to enhance our region's multi-use singletrack trails. Many people do not realize that just because a park or trail is located in St. Louis or St. Charles county that it may not be managed by the respective county. As an example, Lost Valley is managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. You may read more about each land agency by visiting their respective web sites.

St. Louis County Parks

St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is to provide high quality parks, facilities, and recreation services that enhance residents’ lives through responsible and effective management of resources.

St. Charles County Parks

St. Charles County Parks provides County residents with regional parks and recreation facilities that will enhance the historical and natural environmental heritage; promotes the high quality of life that exists in the rural and urban areas; resolves to meet the growing demand for preservation of open space; encourages tourism; and actively seeks coordination with St. Charles County Municipalities in order to meet the needs for delivery of recreation facilities and services that nurture healthy lifestyles for people who live, visit, and enjoy our County.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Missouri state parks and historic sites are administered by the Division of State Parks, which is a part of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Its main responsibilities are the administration of the Missouri state park system, and coordination of statewide programs in the areas of outdoor recreation and trails.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources provides a tour of Illinois state parks, natural areas, conservation areas, recreation areas, and fish and wildlife areas. You’ll find information on camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, state park lodges and resorts, interpretive programs and hundreds of great ideas for places to visit and things to do in outdoor Illinois.

Missouri Conservation Department

The Missouri Department of Conservation administers more than 975,000 acres located throughout the state. About 63 percent, or 615,000 acres, are forested. Our work began in 1937, when citizen-led efforts created the Department to restore, conserve and regulate Missouri's over-stressed fisheries, forests and wildlife populations. During our first 40 years, hunting, fishing and trapping permits provided most of our funding, but in 1976 an expanded program, the "Design for Conservation," was passed to set aside one-eighth of one percent sales tax directly to the agency. That consistent funding, plus a strong, non-political structure and very supportive public helped make Missouri a national leader in conservation.

Mark Twain National Forest

Mark Twain National Forest’s 1.5 million acres through 29 southern and central Missouri counties is known for its rivers and trails. Established in 1938 through the Weeks Act, which celebrates 100 years in 2011, Mark Twain National Forest continues to offer summer recreation activities as it restores Missouri’s great outdoors.

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