The GORC Posse found it’s way to Jeff City Saturday for the Midwest SingleSpeed Championships. As usual we made our indelible mark on this event.

Here’s a quick rundown of the team:

mad hungarian
the pimperbinator
bryan radams + his lovely assistant
pretty pirtle the ladies man
farinella, master of disaster

Oh yeah, thoze Jeff City cats were in for some serious Sh1t. The Mad “Hung”arian, and the SuperPimp came 4wheel driftin’ into the park at about 30 mins to race time…just in time arrivals, I like it.

The pimp had not finished his pre-race quaif when the A-Race left the start line(Without the Pimp! what’s with these people??). SO serious pace was put down by the ace-playa himself, passing many fast dudes. From there things didn’t get any better for him, including mechanical troubles, tool troubles, and general difficulties. All was forgotten on Lap 2 when he stopped for an ice-cold PBR. fuel, sweet fuel.

Two of the STL’s finest turned in some nice showings. Pirtle, who I think took 2nd in the A-Race(he’s a bad man), and Izak, our own chocolate twinkie ninja cruised home in 3rd in the B-race with a last corner pass of Bryan (Supa-Sonik) Adams…that’s just ice cold, like a true ninja.

THe Post-Race festivities included swag giveaways, a “Drag” race, and more 40-ounce fun with the GORC posse. Good times, nice trails, and a great event. Not to be missed next year. Anybody got pics?