Horse Thief and Killer Dinner

We rode Horse Thief yesterday near the Gorge and are heading up to ride the legendary South Boundary trail today. I’ll keep this post short but hopefully you can see how the day went with this photo montage.

As always on vacation, I’m running late this morning.

Loading up to head out

Groupshot at Horse Thief trailhead – like herding cats on bikes.

Looking into the canyon at the start of the ride

Glen heading onto the trail

Rodney finishing the last climb

Jon A leading the train

Bryan on the SuppleFly


Marvin with Steph catching up

Post-ride reflection with Tom, Mari and Kirby

Bryan, Matt and Steve looking into the canyon


Matt, Lisa, Tom and Mari headed to the Taos Pueblo in the late afternoon – simply amazing

An Indian oven – a horno – where the Indian bread comes from. Oh the Indian bread!

Matt flash-frying Shishito peppers for everyone. A New Mexico staple.

Shishito pepper make you crazy, man

‘I can cook burgers!’ …

‘…and burn down the hillside.’ Aren’t we at Stage II fire restrictions?

Enjoying the fantastic New Mexican evening weather at million dollar house.