This is a big event for GORC. Now that all of the trails in the park are multi-use, we are evaluating existing trails, and trying to decide which, if any, can be reused, or whether we need to start over from scratch. Needless to say, we think there is the potential to have as many as 25 miles of singletrack in this park! This will be the first step in connecting the existing DeClue Trail to the Scenic Loop Rd. Once this trail is built, there is already another loop which will be an offshoot, that is already flagged and approved.

There is a lot of trailbuilding to be done, but not enough time on our schedule to do it, so we’re trying something different this time. What’s better than a day of building trail and riding? How about a whole weekend of building trail and riding!? That’s right, work and ride on Sat., camp at Greensfelder Sat. night if you wish, then get up and do it again on Sunday. We also have a special challenge with our friends at the St. Louis Adventure Group as to who can build the most trail on Sunday. They already have more than 30 people signed up, so unless there’s a really good showing, we’re going to be significantly outnumbered. Please show up for at least one of the days, if you can.