Ok, so it’s not a Figure 9, and it’s not exactly an epic– yet. Give us some more time on that part. Nevertheless, you can now get in a ride right in your own backyard that until recently, would have had you driving a fairly long way.

There’s less than a week until the Greensfelder Challenge Race on May 8th, when we’ll finally get to showcase the hard work that’s gone into reroutes, maintenance, and brand new trail on the Dogwood, DeClue, and Eagle Valley trails. If that’s not enough, all of the proceeds from the race are generously being donated to GORC!

GORC is having a big party at the race, and you’re invited. Even if you don’t want to race, come on out and ride the trails, and see what’s new. Not interested in doing loops on the race course? You can get in a ride of ~18 miles (of which 1.25 is doubletrack and pavement) that makes use of all of the singletrack GORC has built, and doesn’t include the same trail in the same direction.


The short overview is:
– Begin at the Roundhouse main parking lot
– Dogwood
– DeClue CCW
– Deer Run down to Eagle Valley
– Left on Eagle Valley to new singletrack- up to Visitor Center
– Left on bridle path to Scenic Loop
– Scenic Loop back to DeClue
– Declue and Dogwood in the opposite direction that you did earlier.

We had hoped to include the singletrack on Eagle Valley in the race course, but it’s not quite ready for prime time. The lower leg up the first switchback will require some dismounts at several swampy spots, but we’re hoping to fix them in the near future. The upper leg is in great shape.

There are big plans for more trails at Greensfelder, so come out on race day, and ride, have some fun, and see how you can get involved. The more people we have at workdays, the faster we can get new trail built!