GORC Vacation 2012 – Crested Butte – Lupine to Lower Loop to Upper Upper


Most of us are tired so words seem hard to come by. Here’s a quick photo dump of the day’s events. The crew of 19 rode between 19 and 24 miles.

View of some GORC riders coming up Lupine from the house

Lupine overlooking Crested Butte

Mari and Eva coming around the bend.

Donjo getting some air.

Lisa on the superfly

Durango Doug

Orin Boyd rollin’ deep

View some of us got when we incorrectly climbed 10 switchbacks too many  and around a 1000 feet too much. The tiny gravel road is where we had come from.

A local commuting to work showing the GORC crew up.  Ape hangers, coaster brake, rusty chain and no helmet.

Mid-break stop in Crested Butte

Pizza and beer.