GORC Vacation 2012 – Crested Butte – Doctor Park


GORC reunited with an old friend from St. Louis, Ken Keister, and we all headed out for a long ride in the backcountry – this time the famed Doctor Park Loop. This 20+ mile ride consisted of a steady gravel road climb and turned to a steeper pitched jeep road before leveling out in the Black Forest.

Then the fun began. The next 12 or so mile consisted of every type of downhill imaginable – jacked up rocky lines, buff decomposed granite dips and berms, creek crossings, severe-consequence exposure and a final hair-raising, brake-smoking, bar-bending, fork-seal-blowing, spoke-torquer of a descent – something like 10 switchbacks dropping down what appeared to be a sheer rock face all the way down to the cars.

Thank goodness it all ended with some local suds … and no one got killed.

The big group readies for the big ride.

Rob on the gravel road up to the sky.

The big kinda deep creek crossing had everyone walking

The crew paused at the split onto the jeep road before it really headed uphill

Ross and Jason SSing for the hell of it

Camera photos never really capture the depth or grade. Here, everyone is suffering.

The last push before entering the Dark Forest. It always seems wet in the Black Forest.

Bryan and Ken examine ride options. Of course, the lengthier option was selected!

Panorama of the guys taking a break

1×1 Crush Train riding the extra 3 miles of mountain top grasslands.

Stopping to breathe before the Descent of descents.

Brakes smoked?


Here, drink this.

OK, but I’m also jumping in the river.