GORC Train En Route to Taos… Via Santa Fe

As I write this the GORC storm is a few hours past Springfield having downed some large doses of Mexican fare. Their expected ETA is sometime tomorrow late morning.

The leading edge of this storm arrived in Santa Fe two days ago and has since introduced themselves to the fine entrepreneurs at Mellow Velo bike shop. They were very helpful in passing opinions of the area trails.

The GORC scouts (matt n lisa) have been acclimating to the altitude not by riding but by eating, yes eating. Breakfast burritos, dinner platters, desserts, you name it. They are hoping to make it up the climbs using Burrito Pow’r(tm).

Tom and Mari arrived at the scout camp in Santa Fe late this morning and all four of them went over to the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market to score some Shushito peppers – 7 pounds – that will be used to feed the GORC crew and enable them to all send out audible smoke signals between the two mansion cribs in Taos.

Look for additional information here as the two storm fronts converge on the Dale Ball trail network sometime tomorrow before caravaning up to Taos.

Bikes lay dormant till Friday

Cafe Pasqual’s is a favorite for the vacation scouts

Mellow Velo is operated out of a small adobe home. Tight quarters run by a tight-knit crew

The Santa Fe River running dry this year. Normally it has a garden hose’s worth of water tricking down.

Shishito Peppers, flash-fried with a dose of sea salt, are just the mf’in’ heat. Eat ’em till you’re sick.