The GORC Posse unleashed in the land of cheese!! The Wisconsin IMBA Epic at Levis-Trow Mound near Neilsville, WI was the site for a GORC invasion of the highest order.

Several GORC regulars were joined by an unexpected arrival of the South City Crew. These boyz were bent on total destruction and they got what they came for.

Friday’s evening rides served up miles of twisty singletrack, the GORC crew was warming up to the northern woods as we put down miles of the sweet & narrow.

Saturday’s workday started innocently enough, but the late arrival of “Team Matt” from South St. Louis signaled trouble for all involved. These boyz can drink and party with the best of them! They did not dissapoint, and Saturday night the GORC encampment shook to the sounds of disco and heavy metal playing at top volume from the rent-a-car speakers.(Note: Those Suzuki XL7’s have GOT some stereo!)

Later on Saturday night, the campfire was started and the STL posse dropped in and began to derby. The WI kids were not hip to our destruction and did not participate. We didn’t let that ruin our fun and stirred up the action a little more with periodic chants of “BURN THE CANADIANS” and “MOW-NO TALKING”, wrestle royals complete with beer showers. The Guinness was going fast and the destruction reached a peak with GORC Big Cheese doing a massive cross body tackle into the STL crowd. This party went on late into the night and many a Wisconsin-boy was heard to say “We’ll see how you guys ride tomorrow…”

Little did they know our secret strategy…

The next morning came early (don’t they all), and the GORC encampment rose slowly.

The Secret Strategy But many cups of excellent coffee and a Guinness for good measure and we were ready. Fueled up on caffeine and carbs!

GORC Big Cheese Johnny D unleashed massive style onto the Super-Fast group. Serving as task-master at the front of the group for most of the ride. Being the only singlespeeder, he had honor to uphold!

Team Jelly-Donut, in the Medium Group, led the ride and schooled the Minnesota and Wisconsin homies in the finest tradition to cap off an excellent event.