Over the years GORC has done a number of things to help spread the word and educate people as to the consequences of their actions on the trails:

1) Developed a page on the GORC website listing IMBA’s Rules of the Trail which advocates adhering to certain principles while riding.
2) Created Trail Conditions forum on website where users can describe the current state of each trail.
3) Published blog and newsletter with educational articles intended to explain how natural phenomena, and riding in certain conditions affect trails.
4) Erected kiosks with signs at SIUE asking that users respect the rights of others when using the trail.


Taking the next step, we’re going to try to reach users more directly, on the trails.

IMBA has created a program modeled after the National Ski Patrol, called the National Mountain Bike Patrol. Although the name sounds a little serious, the intent of the Patrol is summed up by its motto “Assist, Educate, Inform.” There is no enforcement component whatsoever to the Patrol. Patrollers will be doing pretty much what most GORC members already do anyway: riding the local trails, offering to help anyone with mechanical or medical problems, and just trying to be goodwill ambassadors for the sport. The difference is that we now have formal approval from the landmanagers to do so officially. To date, we have approval to Patrol SIUE, all St. Charles County Parks, and Lost Valley & the Hamburg Trail.

If you’re interested in joining, or have more questions about the NMBP, post your questions on the GORC Forum.