GORC 20 Year Member Perk


In celebration of our 20 year anniversary this year we have upped the swag level in our membership packets. We are taking a break from the legendary koozie swag and want to reward our hard-working volunteers and members. Beginning in March, we are including a clear, vinyl water-resistant pouch that easily fits in jersey pockets. Designed to store your smartphone (except for the large gargantuan-sized phones) and other basics (ID, pit stop cash, etc.) this water resistant-pouch is also touchscreen friendly. Yes, you can use your phone without taking it out of the pouch.

For those of you that signed up in January-February, we’ll have these out at our socials and other events to make sure you get yours. We can verify your paid membership on the spot. These will be rolled out as we send out membership packets. Want yours early? Renew now to get yours sooner.

A huge thanks to Craig Seibert for bringing this product to our attention – he deserves the credit for this simple, yet highly functional trail accessory. No need for zip lock baggies or sweaty phones any more.