If you’re a fan of the whacked-out traditional music, don’t show up late on Saturday.

The band lineup is looking great. Big thanks to Mesa Cycles for footing the bill for us to get so many good bands.

noon The Monads, punk bluegrass rockabilly, think split lip, but with more strings on the bass, I bet they hate that. Click the link and find out for yourself. Or better yet, just show up. The beer starts flowing at noon too

2:00 Maid*Rite I don’t have a link, but these girls rock country style, or play country rock style, or something. It’s always a good show.

4:00 Red Ass Jones: You saw them last year but this year they’ll have two more people, a mandolin, and electronical amplification. Another good country-style thing, maybe more traditional bluegrass than the others.

6:00 Dub Kitchen. Dub is kind of like reggae, but more electronic. Don’t take my word for it, find out why these guys have such a big local following.

8:00ish The Choir: You might recognize Matt Black Matt James, the guitar player, as a local bike shop wrench (big shark, now mesa). Mr. Ray-of-Sunshine’s band will be playing “balls-out rock and roll” as soon as he catches his breath after the night time trial, and hopefully puts on some pants.

After that, who knows.

So, fans of the stand-up bass, don’t put off coming out. We have three in a row right from the get-go. Get your stuff together now, enjoy the show, get a demo bike and enjoy the trails, whatever.

Early registration is closed so when you come out you can pay your $25 (still a bargain!) for the whole shebang or pay $10 for the cheapskate limited-benefits saturday-only registration.