Fall 2014 Trail Building Schedule

The 2014 Fall Trail Building Schedule has been posted to the website under the Rides and Events Tab -> Events subsection.

We are attaching our schedule as a PDF to this post. Feel free to print them out and distribute. We have a convenient quarter page version that saves trees and is easy on the ink.

We hope to see you next to us building some new trail this fall. There’s going to be more progress at several of our loved parks including;

— Continuing to work on the super-big Beulah trail reroute project at Greensfelder
— Continuing to build singletrack on the beautiful and steep hillside at Rock Hollow aka Zombie Trail
— Working to bring Broemmelsiek back to its former glory as the park’s major construction winds up.

Each of these projects is getting two days of trail love from the GORC elves.

GORC’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Party will once again be held at Greensfelder this fall. More details to follow…

And finally, for your copy/paste pleasure…

Fall 2014 Trail Build Schedule
September 20 Broemmelsiek
October 4 Greensfelder
October 25 Greensfelder
November 1 Appreciation Party at Greensfelder
November 8 Rock Hollow
November 15 Broemmelsiek
December 6 Rock Hollow

We hope to see you at one or more of our trail building events. Spread the word, love the trails.

Download Schedule as quarter sheet PDF