It’s another busy week. Here’s what’s going on, including a few items from the past weekend:

–On Saturday the 28th, there was a workday at Lost Valley which began the construction of a reroute that will eventually be around 2 miles long. We’ll need a big turnout on March 21st or it probably won’t be open until the Fall. It’s going to be some incredibly fun singletrack, but it’s also difficult terrain requiring a lot of rock work as you can see in the pictures, so it’s very time consuming. There were only 22 people at the workday, and considering how many people ride at Lost Valley, this was a somewhat disappointing turnout. If you can, please try to attend the next workday. More details will be on the forum.

–Sawyers were out on Sunday, March 1st preparing for the big workdays at Greensfelder on March 28th and 29th and Matson Hill on March 7th.

–March 4th is the regular monthly meeting at the Schlafly Tap Room.

–March 7th, Saturday 9am-1pm is the first of what will prove to be many workdays at Matson Hill. Making use of the new land that St. Charles County Parks has purchased to extend the park will result in as much as 12 or so miles of singletrack there.


New trail at Lost Valley from workday on Feb. 28th