Last Saturday was a big day for GORC. The near total reroute of the Dogwood Trail at Greensfelder was completed. The trail, which was formerly a muddy, sodden mess with straight-up climbs is now beautiful, twisty, flowing, and most importantly, sustainable singletrack. Terbo and Bryan, and everyone else involved did a great job with the new design.

After the workday, despite the threat of a downpour, some of us decided to give the new trail a test ride. All I can say is wow! This trail has everything– climbs, banked turns, rocks, fast descents… There was some talk– well ok, it was just me, but I’m sure that once you ride it, you’ll agree, that this might be GORC’s best piece of work.


I had been reluctant to do much work at GF, because while I thought the park had the best terrain for mountain biking in the area, I figured the horses would just trash it. After seeing how well the DeClue reroute and the first section of the Dogwood had held up to the abuse, I was convinced otherwise. Perhaps our “Equestrian Outreach Officer” will have some success in persuading them to pay more attention to trail conditions when they ride. Ha.

According to our own Ninja master, this loop combined with the DeClue is around 9 or 10 miles. So when you go out and ride this trail, and are having a great time, think about what was there before, and what a difference volunteers can actually make.