Dale Ball Trails – Santa Fe, NM

After a hard night of driving the GORC crew stopped by The Pantry on Old Route 66 (Cerrillos Rd.) for breakfast. We all drove over and inundated Mellow Velo with questions and window shopping

Our goal was to ride the outer 10 mile loop of Dale Ball, which is a trail network comprised of at least 42 intersections, but after climbing some steeper percentages and with a looming thundercloud dropping some serious bass, we opted to cut it short. We ended up with just over 6 miles of riding the first day which was fine in itself – most of us were blown out from staying up since Thursday morning.

We’ll show you our palaces in a later episode of our broadcast but I (Matt) have to get rolling out the door soon to tackle the Horsethief Trail.
Group shot, first day of riding, Dale’s Balls.

Steve Woods climbing a rocky ledge at Dale Ball

Bryan ascending on the SF100

‘Where the hell are we?’ he asked. ‘Yeah, but where the hell is the other half of our crew,’ I wondered. We eventually located everyone.

Lisa at the top of the climb.