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Greensfelder Race 2012

Monthly Social

Our Monthly Socials are held the first Tuesday of the month, 6pm, at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. The meeting space is the Crown Room. Topics usually cover past and upcoming trail building events, future trail projects and any regional mountain biking related news but the floor is yours and we basically talk about trails, bikes and adventures for an hour or more.

Club Officers and Support Crew

Members of the Board: Bryan Adams, Matt Hayes, Scott Whitaker, Larry Koester, John Donjoian, Ron Istvan, Craig Seibert, Steve Smith
Web Administrator, Membership Guy, Other Stuff: Matt Hayes
Treasurer: Larry Koester
Print Media, Graphic Designer, Marketing, Branding: Lisa Hayes
Secretary, Meeting Minutes: Steph Adams
St. Louis County Parks Liaison: Bryan Adams
St. Charles County Parks Liaison: Craig Seibert
Mapping & GPS: Ron Istvan
Race Point-of-Contact / Race Calendar: Karen Einig
Trail Tool Inventory: Glenn Meyer
Mark Twain National Forest / Ozark Trail Liasion: Jim Davis
Moonlight Rides: Jon Anderhalter
Bike Patrol (program in hiatus): Matt Buckley

Trail Stewards

St. Louis Area

Bluff View (aka Rock Hollow aka Zombie): Dave Beattie, Mitch Johnson, Greg Ott
Castlewood State Park: Tim Kern, Fred Williams, Karen Holtmann, Ryan Overhoff
Chubb Trail: Fred Williams
Cliff Cave: Kevin Ginther, Stephen Ludwig
Creve Coeur Lake: Glenn Meyer, Brian Schrumpf, Dean Clore, John Twist
Greensfelder: Matt Hayes, Bryan Adams, Ron Istvan
Rockwoods Range: Steve Smith (RR not currently seeking improvements)

St. Charles Area

Bangert Island: Tony Caruso
Broemmelsiek: Brian Barton
Indian Camp Creek: Diana Gores, Janine Belk
Klondike Park: Mark Davis
Lost Valley: Larry Koester, Greg Ott, Mitch Johnson, John Donjoian
Matson Hill: Gary Belk, Ed Gengenbacher
Quail Ridge: Chris Caplinger, Dave Otto


Silver Lake: James Hooton
SIUE Trails: Scott Whitaker, Steve Smith, Caleb Miller

Ozark Region

The Ozark Trail Association administers the OT Adopt-A-Trail Program.

Mailing Address

Gateway Off-Road Cyclists
5673 Wrenwyck Place
Weldon Spring, MO 63304

Email: gorc at gorctrails dot com.

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