Canceled - Happy Hour Social at Schlafly Bottleworks

February social is cancelled.


It's Back - Come on down and bring a friend!

GORC's monthly social is held at 6pm.

GORC is hosting a social at the Schlafly Bottleworks.

We will be discussing GORC's current and past projects and what's in the pipeline around the St. Louis region regarding all things mountain biking and singletrack. The happy hour meeting format is informal and just how we like it. 

Anyone who is a mountain bike enthusiast is invited to attend. Enjoy food and drink while hanging out with other like-minded folks who are passionate about trails, bikes and building a better St. Louis singletrack experience.

February 7th, 2023 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
Schlafly Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63143
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Riding Freeze-Thaw Trails

Current Membership Count

Individual 337
Family 103
Lifetime 60
Business 4
Total Memberships: 504

2023 Volunteer Hours

Cliff Cave: 56
SIUE: 23
Matson Hill: 16
Greensfelder: 14
Chubb Trail: 6
Bluff View: 4
Klondike: 4
Indian Camp Creek: 2

2023 Volunteer Hours by Type

Trail Design: 88
Trail Maintenance: 46
Trail Construction: 29
Project Administration: 9
Sawyer/Swamper: 8
General Administration: 3