Update 12-10-21:  Work continues on the Bluff View Bike Park.  The Strider trail and Packwood Flow trail (the official name of the Downhill flow trail) are complete.  We have been working on new skills trail off the Hub named GHP.  This stands for George Horatio Packwood, the generous man that donated the land to the Humane Society back in 1976.  This trail should be complete by 12/14 without any hiccups due to the weather.  This could not have been completed without your recent donations.  Thank you all very much for the continued support!

BUT WAIT, WE ARE NOT FINISHED!!!  Beginning on 12/20, we will be working on a second skills trail off the Hub that will be a green version of GHP.  This trail will have smaller features that will allow riders to progress from it to Packwood Flow and GHP.  The map below has been updated to show the general overview. 

We continue to need your HELP in funding the material and equipment required to make this project successful.  Many of you have donated over the past several months and we thank you immensely.  The amount of support GORC has received has been incredible.  We are nearing the end of Phase 1 of this project and look forward to doing more work next year.  Your continued support is much appreciated!

The Bluff View Bike Park project will include trails for all abilities and has been designed to allow young and new riders to progress through the trails as they gain skills.

  • A Strider Trail area (100% Complete)
  • An Intermediate Trail with small features (Start in 2022)
  • A Skills Trail including hand-built and purchased features and a pump/jump line (60%)
  • A oneway Downhill Flow Trail (100% Complete).
  • Hub (75% Complete)

Here is the full proposal: View PDF  Below is a description of the trails in the Bike Park:

A portion of the existing trail will be rerouted and will become uphill only for bikes (This portion has been completed as of April 2021), with two-way traffic for all others.  This will also be the return trail for the downhill flow trail.

We will need funds for machine rental and to purchase the following materials:

  • Boulders for Starting Hub and Features
  • Base Rock and Construction Fabric for Base Area Trails
  • Clay Soil for Base Area Trails
  • Wooden Features on Skills Trail
  • Signage

If you are really feeling generous, here is a deal for you.  We would like to purchase some of the below features for the skills trail.  These are built by Fast Rack Modern Cycling Cycling Solutions in Fort Smith AR.  We see a commemorative plaque in your honor for such a fine donation.

If you are willing to donate your dollars to this project, we would greatly appreciate it.  These will be exciting additions to an already amazing trail system at Bluff View.

GORC looks forward to bringing the power of its all-volunteer workforce to build and fund this trail system in conjunction with The City of Wildwood.

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