Boy Scout Troop 754 Berryman Ride

Boy Scout Troop 754 would like to extend an invitation to GORC members to join with our troop on an IMBA Epic Trail ride, April 25-26-27, 2014. We are going to tackle the Berryman Trail that weekend. It is the only IMBA Epic-designated trail within 500 miles of St. Louis. This trail is designated as Intermediate to Advanced in difficulty.

Our troop is planning on arriving at the Berryman Campground on Friday night, April 25 and a group of 6-8 boys and leaders will leave on the 27-mile loop Saturday morning after breakfast. The rest of our troop will serve as the support team. We plan to complete the first 13.5 miles of the trail by lunchtime and the second half by dinner Saturday. We will break camp Sunday morning and return to St. Louis.

This invitation is especially for you if you are a Scout, Scouter, or Venturerer, and an experienced mountain biker, but any GORC member can join us. If you are interested in joining us call GORC member and Troop 754 Scoutmaster Greg Nelson at 318-235-0402.