GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Last Day

Day 7

On the last day, several groups split up and did their own thing. Some hit Mount Crested Butte, others did another backcountry ride and a few did both! Matt and Lisa ended up taking the day off the bikes and checking out Judd Falls just above the tiny town of Gothic.... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Hartman Rocks


On the second to last day, GORC piled into our respective vehicles and arrived in Gunnison, Colorado about forty minutes later. Today was a treat... Hartman Rocks!

This stacked trail network has been on many GORCers must-ride list for years and now they were getting... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Rest Day? Nah, RACE DAY!


On what was the traditional GORC rest day - Wednesday - someone came up with the idea of attending the free Pinnacle Race Series held at Mount Crested Butte. Featuring both a cross-country and downhill event, costing no money, and get this, free beer and food at the finish,... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Trail 401


On this day, the GORC vacationers opted to ride from GORC HQ at Mount Crested Butte up Gothic Road to the 401 Trail. We rode the sweet downhill back to the house and never stopped smiling. Matt and Lisa headed out earlier than the group so I don't have any group shots in... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Doctor Park


GORC reunited with an old friend from St. Louis, Ken Keister, and we all headed out for a long ride in the backcountry - this time the famed Doctor Park Loop. This 20+ mile ride consisted of a steady gravel road climb and turned to a steeper pitched jeep road before... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Crested Butte - Lupine to Lower Loop to Upper Upper


Most of us are tired so words seem hard to come by. Here's a quick photo dump of the day's events. The crew of 19 rode between 19 and 24 miles.

... Read more

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GORC Vacation 2012 - Matt and Lisa Visit Phil's World, Discovers Still Way Awesome


Heading out a week earlier than the GORC crew, Matt and Lisa hit Santa Fe and Taos before basing out of Durango for a few days to catch up with Durango Doug and Dianna while riding the best stacked trail system in the region - Phil's World, located just outside of Cortez,... Read more

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Gear Report: Homebrewed Components

Anyone who rides a single speed long enough will soon find themselves looking for replacement cogs and chainrings. I had since moved to a splined hub about a year ago and found swapping the rear cog to be much more friendlier. There is something about using a pipe wrench with a freewheel... Read more

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The Ogre Needed Bigger Shoes: A Review Update

Yesterday I went out to Greensfelder to see how the forest was holding up and to preempt any downed trees in case the work week picked up. I threw on the Dakine Builder Pack with chainsaw (not included) and rode Eagle Valley... Read more

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The Duke of Surl: First Impressions of the Surly Ogre

Back in October or so Surly Intergalactic HQ dropped some photos and a dribble of information concerning their soon-to-be-unleashed do-it-all 29er bike - the Ogre. Recycling many of the attributes of last... Read more

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